Last one!

Last one. Pictures from the Coachella Valley again.

San Jacinto Mountains, Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea

Time for some pictures!

After a kind of disappointing visit to Joshia Tree National Park, due to the fact that it’s kinda awkward riding a bike there and you’re not really allowed to go backcountry camping with your bike, I decided to head for the Salton Sea.

The weather’s starting to get really cold at higher altitudes, Joshua Tree included, so the Coachella Valley is really a great place this time of the year.

After a couple of days at the Salton Sea, I’m now camping at Lake Cahuilla and doing pretty much nothing until I’ll be heading towards LA.

Sorry about all the birds – that’s pretty much all there is at the Salton Sea.

Wwoof’ing in Valley Center

A few photos from last week’s wwoof stay in Valley Center.

I’m now back on the road heading towards Joshua Tree National Park. For some odd reason I decided to head through the San Jacinto Mountains, which I think my legs will be pretty upset about tomorrow.

Oh, well. It’s pretty up here and kinda looks like a Swedish part of California. Kinda weird riding from palm trees into pine forest in a couple of hours though.

New Mexico, Arizona & California

I’ve finally arrived in San Diego now having finished the official Southern Tier route.

It seems I haven’t really uploaded any photos for a long time, so now might be a good time.

The trip between West Texas and California has been mainly low deserts and tall mountains tugged in between.

Last leg of Texas

Photos from the trip between Del Rio and El Paso.

This part has mostly consisted of semi-desert (which is by the way a thorny hell for bike tubes) and a short intermission through the Davis mountain range.

Texas Hill Country and a bit beyond

Having arrived in Del Rio, it’s a great relief to have completed the last serious climbs before the Great Divide.

Hard as the Hill Country might have been, it was nonetheless some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen on the tour so far.

Del Rio seems to be the last stop until I reach the most desolate parts of the route with very few towns and people.

Well, enjoy some pictures from the last few days.

Still Texas

The nature along the Tier is beginning to change radically. Since I left Austin this morning it’s looking more and more like something out of a Lucky Luke comic. I hope you can see the change over the course of these photos.

Texas is actually surprisingly pleasant to bike through, as it seems that most highways have really wide shoulders and farm roads are in pretty good condition. However it’s also starting to get a lot tougher, as there are quite a few pretty big hills in this part of the state.


Not quite prairie or desert yet.

The weird blurry photo is a beaver by the way. It didn’t really want to be in the shot.

Crossing the Mississippi

A few photos of the Mississippi.

Unfortunately, the photos don’t really do the river justice.